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German Archive of Display Mannequins

At the centre of the project is the creation of an archive and museum dealing with the history of display mannequins. At the moment the collection comprises some 150 mannequins and about 1000 documents consisting of written texts and photos. The exhibits originate mainly from Germany and France, with material from other countries completing the collection. The purpose of the project is to collect, preserve and study such objects and to record the history of mannequins taking into account such aspects as fashion and beauty, art and design, and the social and economic background of the times.

I organise exhibitions on the theme as well as giving lectures and appraising specimens from earlier periods. Selected objects in the collection may be viewed during guided tours.

Portrait Gallery
Below are a few examples of historical display mannequins, which were produced - and used - in the past. They were manufactured between 1880 and 1980. For reasons auf authenticity these mannequins have not been restored or digitally retouched. Click photo to enlarge.




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